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Green Dale School offers a wide range of subjects to cater for the different needs and interests of students who attend the School. The Sikkim Curriculum forms the over-riding structure for the subjects offered because Green Dale’s School initially prepares students for life in the wider community of India, then the world. 

The Green Dale’s Curriculum reflects the special Christian (Presbyterian) character of the School.

Our Curriculum is evolving, a living organism, which is regularly reviewed and modified in this rapidly changing world.
Students work towards the Central Board of Education (CBSE) - our national qualification.

There is more to education than qualifications however. An emphasis on problem solving and the skills of thinking creatively is a current goal for all academic subjects, with a view to establishing these as skills for life Green Dale encourages students to set themselves personal goals of excellence in all they do, Academic, Cultural, Sporting, Interpersonal relationships, Leadership and Citizenship.

The School aims in providing all round development. As working together is resourceful and fasters a healthy rapport among students and teachers, the school encourages various programmes like cultural, aesthetics, science exhibitions, awareness programmes etc. Through this the students learn the act of sharing and working together in groups.

The school also encourages interactional programmes with other schools taking it as a part of the students learning experience.

Apart from the academic standard, the school also provides similar emphasis on co-curricular activities. The students are encouraged to participate in Sports – Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Tae-Kwo-Do etc. Drama, Elocution, Quiz, Debate, Music, collection of Medicinal Plants and gardening.


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