Mission / Aims & Objectives

Greendale School Mission Statement 

The mission of the Greendale school , in partnership with students, families and community, is committed to leadership in educational excellence and to develop each student's unique abilities to achieve success and contribute positively to society. 

Belief Statements

 1. Children are the future. 

2. Learning is a life-long process. 

3. Every person is unique, has equal intrinsic value, and deserves basic respect and human dignity 

4. Change is inevitable and can be an opportunity for growth. 

5. Education is everyone's responsibility. 

6. Families provide the foundation for learning and have a significant continuing role in their children's education. 

7. A quality public education includes a broad range of experiences for social, physical, emotional, intellectual and creative development. 

8. We are members of a global society and this diversity enriches us. 

9. Effective communication is vital to the educational process. 

10. People are our most valuable resource. 

11. Understanding and cooperating with others are essential for success in life. 

12. Everyone has the right to a safe environment. 

13. All children are capable of learning. 

14. Participation of informed and educated citizens is essential to a democratic society. 

15. Meaningful learning is making connections among knowledge, ideas and experiences.



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