School Managing Committee (SMC)

Member of the Present School Managing Committee (SMC) 2013 after Dissolving Previous Committee are as follows:

  1. President----- Rev. Shyam Subba( Pastor )  EPCS Church, Tadong
  2. Vice-President ----Mr. Bhasker Basnett,  Councillor, Ward-12, Gangtok Municipality Corporation East Sikkim
  3. Manager  ----   Mr. Alexius Dhungel Founder, Young Action Network.
  4. Member Secretary ---Mrs. S. Dhungel, Principal, Greendale Sr. Secondary School, Tadong
  5. Treasurer -----Mr.Mac Donald Dhungel, CEO, MALEX Group, Gangtok          
  6. Advisor------Mr. Namgyal Phuntso Kazi, Principal, North Sikkim Academy, Mangan: North Sikkim
  7. Members—

(i) Mr. D.D. Dhungel, Treasurer, EPCS Church, Tadong.

(ii) Mrs. Durga Limboo, Astt.Teacher, GDS: Tadong.

(iii) Mr. S. Lepcha, Guardian, Greendale School: Tadong.

(iv) Mr.  L.M. Targain, Guardian, Greendale School: Tadong.

(v) Mrs. Rosemary Lepcha, Business, Tadong .


1.Making School Development Plan (SDP) as per the RTE  guidelines/norms.

2. Management of school.

3. Supervising and supporting implementation of SDP.

4. Supervision/monitoring of finance, management, academic progress, distribution of entitlements & other functions.

5. Ensuring accountability and transparency in the system through the social audit mechanism.

6. Keeping proper accounts of the fund available and sharing its deployment and utilization with the ‘Aam Sabha’.

7. Creating and maintaining an educational database.

8. Coordinating with the local authority, generating funds from other sources for development of schools.

9. Monitoring academic progress of the children.

10. Instituting social audit mechanism and processes to bring transparency in the system and ensure universal participation.



• Right to Education Act

• State RTE Rules Orders


Constitution of Managing Committee

1.The school shall have a school management committee.

2.The managing committee consists of the following:

a) The managing committee will consist of not more than twenty one members.

 b)  It shall include the following namely:

      The Head of the school, will be a member secretary.

      Two parents of students in the school.

      Two teachers of the schools.

Two other persons (of whom one shall be women); who are, or have been,teachers of any other school or of any college, to be nominated by the Society

Two members, from out of a panel recommended by the Society to benominated by the Board. If the Panel is not accepted fresh panel may be asked. The names recommended should not below the rank of a Principal of a Sr.Sec.School.The remaining members will be nominated by the society.

No Head Master/Principal shall be appointed in the school who is related to any member of the School Managing Committee.For the purpose of this rule, the relation includes the following Brothers, Sisters, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Son-in-law and Daughter-in-law.

3.The term of the members of the Managing Committee shall be three years. A member can be Re-nominated for another term but a member cannot remain in office for more than two consecutive terms expect ex-officio members and the members of the Society of the School. The duties, powers and responsibilities of the School Managing Committee shall be as follows and it hall function subject to the control and in accordance with the policy of the Society. 

Powers and Functions of the School Management Committee

Subject to overall control of the Society, the School Managing Committee shall have the following powers/functions:

It shall have the power to supervise the activities of the school for its smooth functioning.

It will work according to the specific directions given by the Society regarding admission policy. However, admissions will be made as per merit without discretion of caste/creed/religion and region.

It shall look into the welfare of the teachers and employees of the school.

It shall evolve both short-term and long-term programmes for the improvement of the school.

It shall have the powers for making appointment of teachers and non teaching staff.

It shall exercise financial powers beyond those delegated to the Principal within the budgetary provision of the school.

It shall have the power to take stock of academic programmes and progress of the school without jeopardizing the academic freedom of Principal.

It shall guide the Principal to maintain tone and discipline in the school.

It shall ensure that the norms given in the Act of the State and by the CBSE regarding terms and conditions of service and other rules governing recognition/affiliation of the school are strictly adhered to.

It should ensure that the school gets Furniture, Science equipment, Library books and other teaching aids and the requisite sports material in adequate quantity and on time.

It shall exercise powers to take disciplinary action against staff.

It shall have powers to sanction leave to the Head of the Institution including casual leave.

It shall ensure that no financial irregularity is committed or any irregular procedure with regard to admission/examinations is adopted.

It shall have the power to propose to the Society rates of tuition fees and other annual charges and also review the budget of the school presented by the Principal for forwarding the same to Society for approval.

The Managing Committee will meet at least twice in an academic session.


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