Executive Body


(a) The School is run by the “Greendale Educational Society “registered by the Land Revenue Department under Serial No.: 817 Vol I Notification No. 2602 A/H dated 25.03.1960 on 15th April 1996 vide their letter No. 30 l/R dated 16.04.1996 


(b) The following are the members of the Society:

1. Mr.Enos Simick –  Chairman

2. Mr. Manoj Pradhan—Vice Chairman

3. Mrs.Sabita Dhungel --   Secretary

4. Mr.G.T Dhungel-   Member

5. Mr.Bhaskar Basnett -    Member

6. Mrs.D.D.Sharma – Member

7. Mrs.D.D.Dhungel—Member


(c) The Greendale Educational Society is a voluntary and Non Profitable Organisation and conducts its activities of social work with the Head Office at the Greendale Sr. Secondary School. As shown around the School the Society has been engaged with the commendable social work to cater to the needy children from the remote hills of Gangtok and its surroundings and  provide them with food, shelter and education.                  

Greendale Sr. Secondary School in recognition to their contribution towards development of Education in Sikkim . Greendale Sr. Secondary School has its School Managing Committee , the committee takes complete charge for the management of the smooth running of the School.


Without  prejudice to the generality of the power vested in the Societies under any law for the time being in force, the Societies shall have, inter-alia, the following powers:-

  1. To accept donations , contributions, grant and subscriptions in cash or in the kind from any company, firm, persons or Society or body for the furtherance of the objects of the Society.
  2. To apply the whole or part of the income  only and not the corpus of the Society Fund for one or more of the objects of the Society as the members may in their discretion from time to time determine.
  3. To convert and deal with the Societies property and /or to vary from time to time the investments  for the time being.
  4. To invest and keep invested the Society Fund either in the purchase or mortgage of immovable property/ properties, shares, debentures or others securities and investments whether authorized by the Indian Society act or not and to alter, vary or transpose such investments from time to time as the societies shall in their discretion think fit.
  5. To raised loan from any Nationalized bank or institution or institutions or Financial Institutions or organizations or to borrow or raised or secure payment or money and also to lean money with or without security.
  6. To sell, dispose of, alienate or otherwise deal with any Society property movable or Immovable
  7. To let and demise any immovable property comprised in the Society for such period , at such rent and on such terms and conditions as the Societies in their absolute discretion shall think it.
  8. To open bank account or accounts with any nationalized bank/banks, to operate the same and to take loan/finances from any bank/banks or financial institutions and for such purpose Mrs. Sabita Dhungel would have authority/power to open or operate the said account or accounts in the name of the Society. In case of death of Mrs. Sabita Dhungel or her otherwise ceasing to be Society would operate the said accounts.
  9. To adjust, settle, compromised, compound and refer to arbitration all actions, suits, claims, demands and proceedings regarding the Society and to demand and sue or to commence, prosecute or enforce or to defend, answer or to oppose all actions and proceedings if any of the matters relating to the administrations of the society and for such purpose to authorized any of the members to sign and verify pleadings, to sign Vakalatnamas and to appear in the Courts and to do all for prosecutions and / or defending any legal action/actions.
  10. To appoint a Co-members or any other person as Constituted attorney or agent or manager and to delegate to such attorney or agent or manager all or any of the power vested in the under these presents and from time to time remove such attorneys or agents or managers and to appoint other or others in his, her or their place.
  11. To make, very, alter or modify schemes, rules and regulations for carrying out the objects of the Society and for the management of the affirms thereof and for running any institution in furtherance of the objects of the Society and otherwise for giving effect to the objects of the society.
  12. To appoint teachers, lecturers, [professors, instructors, officers, clerks, care-takers and servants on permanent or temporary basis as they may from time to time think fit and to determine their powers and duties and to fix their salaries or emoluments (if any) and to suspend, remove or dismiss all or any of them as occasions may arise.
  13. To constitute or provide for the constitutions of Boards of management or Managing Committee for the Society's Schools and other educational establishments and institutions and to make rules and regulations for the working thereof with due regard to the relevant Government regulations.
  14. To start, abolish, discontinue and restart any educational establishments and institutions and to impose any condition for and in respect of any subscription or donation made by donors.
  15. In the events of any property belonging to the Society being acquired or requisitioned, to get the compensation or statutory allowance payable for such acquisitions or requisition duly fixed and to  receive, collect and realized or to cause to be received, collected and realized all such compensation or statutory allowances and /or all other money as and when payable.
  16. To apply and obtain bonus and right shares and /or other privileges and rights which may occur or arise or may become payable on account or investments for the time  being.
  17. To take all legal actions that may be required in course of the management of the Society and to delegate of the Society and to delegate such powers and authorities from time to time as may be necessary to any person or bodies for the purpose.

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